As a general rule, we do not like to lose. Our client's matters are important to us.


As highly trained advocates, whatever problem you come to us with, we offer exceptional value. When you need a lawyer that will give your matter the time it needs, contact us. When you need a lawyer that will listen to your side of the story, contact us. When you need a lawyer that will research the law, explain it to you in plain terms, then act on your instructions, contact us. We will not charge you for simply picking up the phone when you first seek us out, or responding to your initial email query.


We will discuss your matter with you first, then explain how we bill and if possible what your matter is likely to cost, before you agree to incur any cost at all.


We operate in conjunction with a number of other barristers, and can act for you on a wide range of civil and commercial disputes. We offer a competitive package compared to those with higher inner city rents, while refusing to compromise on service. Whether your matter needs one lawyer or a team of five, we can and will act to achieve the best results possible.


Here are some of the areas we can assist in:



Stephen's litigation career began as a  legal aid lawyer, appearing in hundreds and hundreds of trials in the District Court, and taking appeals from the same. Under legal aid, Stephen found that there was never enough time in the day to prepare for Court, as almost all of every day was spent in Court. He still maintained a respectable win/loss ratio, by working most nights.


Since giving up legal aid and teaming up with Roderick we have developed a solid reputation for winning the point, whatever it may be. Whether it's a criminal pre-trial admissibility argument, or an application to transfer civil proceedings to a different Court. Whether it's a full-blown jury trial, an appeal, civil proceedings in the High Court or an application for summary judgment, we will give it our all. From the outset, we do our utmost to give you a full and frank assessment of your prospects of success, and with the benefit of our written advice, you make the calls and direct us on how to proceed.


Sure, we can not control the facts of your case, that you bring to us. But, we can minimise any harm, and ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for you. While we like to win, we know that it's your life in our hands, and we take that responsibility very seriously indeed.


Our civil practice includes representing companies and individuals, trusts and beneficiaries, debtors and creditors, and just plain everyday people who need help enforcing their legal rights, or defending claims made against them. Whether you are a business owner engaged in a dispute, or want to challenge a will; whether you are facing demands from a liquidator, or wish to issue proceedings against a debtor. Whether your issue is with another person, a company or the state, feel free to contact us to see if we can assist. Of course, you will not be charged for picking up the phone or emailing to inquire about your situation.

In our civil and commercial practice, we represent a wide range of clients facing all sorts of legal issues. From the shareholder and director of a company who needs to enforce their rights under the Companies Act, to the consumer who needs advice and representation dealing with a company to enforce their rights under the consumer Guarantees Act, or Fair Trading Act. We represent parties in high level commercial disputes, and low level family disputes over private companies or personal affairs.


What we bring to the table is a very human element. Both Stephen and Roderick are both familymen and businessmen, in addition to being exceptional barristers. Stephen is tested on the coal-face in a very wide range of disputes, and skilled at getting his client's case across in whatever forum necessary. Whether you're negotiating, in mediation, arbitrating or in Court, your best case will be put forward. His calm, clear, concise approach to disputes is of immense benefit to clients, and often finds favour with the judiciary and opposing counsel alike.


Roderick brings a rare dual-qualification to the team, as a doctor and a lawyer. This leaves him very well suited to some niche areas of the law, including medico-legal and ACC. His experience in medicine and law also finds him sought after for professionals facing professional disciplinary proceedings.


Now, there are some areas of law that are so specialised that we will not take instructions in. These include leaky building claims, for example. If a matter is outside our practice area, or other commitments (such as pending trials) mean we can not act for you, we will do our best to point you to someone really good. After all, not only do we like to win, but we like to help. For a no obligation free chat, please contact us today to see if we can help you.


Everyone charged with a criminal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until guilt is proved, and that is how we treat our clients. Facing the might of the state when charged with a criminal offence can be daunting - your career, family, reputation in jeopardy. We offer exceptional service for those who wish to put forth a robust defence. Stephen specialises in drug cases, jury trials and appeals. Roderick is available to appear on virtually any criminal matter, with a strong background in drink drive law. We both appear in Courts all over New Zealand, and offer competitive packages while having a proven track record of achieving results.

Whatever the charge you face, the first step we will take is to assess the Police disclosure against you, and advise you on your prospects of sucess. This may require seeking further disclosure, and in some instances going to Court to force the Police to hand over all of their information. If the Police have stepped outside the law, there may be a challenge to the admissibility of the evidence that results in an acquittal. If there is no defence, you will be advised about steps you can take between charges being laid and sentence being imposed to ensure you have the least restrictive sentence possible.

As far as paying for exceptional advocacy, if you are charged with an offence that is not on the face of it serious, but, carries huge implications for you personally, Roderick is your man. As a doctor and barrister, he both carries an impressive Court manner, and a deeper understanding than most of the many forensic police practices. He has cutting edge drink drive defence skills, cultivated through his deep understanding of the process around analysing breath and blood alcohol content. If your case requires a thorough analysis by an exceptionally bright man, contact Roderick. His first step will be to thoroughly analise your case, and advise you on your prospects of success. Following that, even if you have no defence, he will walk you through your other options, which include seeking a discharge without conviction. If there is a way to have you walk away unscathed, we will find it.


As part of our criminal practice, we deal with a lot of drivers. If you are charged with an offence that sees your licence in jeopardy, we will explore the options you have to avoid disqualification, and failing that, guide you through the limited licence process.


Contact us today for a no obligation free chat about your situation.


Whether your dispute is with your business partner, another company, a sibling or an ex-spouse, Stephen can assist. He has been engaged to represent directors and shareholders in confidential mediation, resulting in successful settlements. He has assisted boards resolving differences with CEO's, and within the board. He has assisted separated spouses resolve their relationship property matters without recourse to the Court, and siblings who can not agree on deceased parent's estates. He has traveled to London to represent a party in International Arbitration proceedings between an entrepreneur and a small state.  This wide and varied practice leaves you in good hands if you wish to avoid Court if possible.


Truth be told, most files Stephen opens begin in the dispute resolution stage. The ability to close a great deal of those files without recourse to Court is testament to his skills in diplomacy.


Whether you need a representative to advise you, and act as a filter for your views, or you need a mediator to act as a go-between for you and another party, contact Stephen today for a no obligation free chat.